We invite anyone and everyone to attend our Sunday gatherings as we worship God through song, teaching and prayer. We gather together throughout the week, but our largest gathering takes place at 671 Cold Springs Rd at 10 am.

Children through 6th grade are invited to join our Sunday School classes following the Story at the Steps part of our service. Sunday School ends at 11:30 am. Nursery care is available throughout the entire worship service.


Although we seek to worship God in the way we live our lives every day, it is a special experience when we come together for corporate worship on Sundays. Music has a way of refocusing us and drawing us into the presence of God. Our worship music incorporates a wide blend of modern songs and classic hymns.

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise . . .” Psalm 100:4 (NIV)


We understand that worshipping in a new church can feel strange because it’s new. The following are terms we use in our Sunday worship services that may be new to you:

Narthex – The entryway between the outside and the worship area.

Sanctuary – A word meaning “sacred space” from the Latin word “sanctus”. The primary purpose of the sanctuary is worshipping a holy and loving God.

Chancel – The raised place in the front of the sanctuary where the baptismal font, communion table and pulpit are placed.

Baptismal Font – The round, turquoise glass bowl standing on a three-legged wrought iron frame. It is used to hold a small amount of water for baptizing infants or adults by sprinkling or pouring water over their heads.

Pulpit – The wooden piece of furniture on the chancel from which the sermon is preached, scripture is read, announcements are made, and prayers are given.

Altarpiece – The weekly changing constructions on the communion table in the center of the chancel. These constructions are designed to visually illustrate and refer to the bible passage the pastor will be preaching from.

“The Lord be with you…and also with you” – Worship at MCC begins with this response back and forth between the pastor and the people.

“The Word of the Lord…thanks be to God” – After the reading of scripture, the reader will lead the people in this response back and forth.

Story at the Steps – The time children are invited to join the preaching pastor on the chancel to hear the sermon theme in a way that is concrete and tangible for children.

Holy Communion – The portion of worship where bread and juice are given in obedience to Jesus’ command that we do this in “remembrance of me.” (Luke 22:19) Communion is open and available to anyone of any age who believes and trusts in Jesus.

Communion by Passing – Trays of bread and juice are passed back and forth among the rows. Worshipers are asked to say to the one receiving the bread or juice “the body of Christ given for you” or “the blood of Christ shed for you.”

Communion by Intinction – Worshippers are invited by rows to come forward to take a piece of bread and dip it into a common cup of juice.

Benediction – The last word the preaching pastor says to the people, often with arms raised.

Please join us! We would love to see you this Sunday.